Saturday, 27 August 2016

Shopping vintage on a budget.

There are times when we've all got to cut our shopping budgets down, whether your saving those pennies or simply a little more strapped for cash than usual, but that doesn't mean that you can't treat yourself to a lovely new vintage find, vintage shopping needn't cost the earth and you can snag yourself a great budget find, or two, if you look in the right place!

Shopping vintage needn't be as expense as you'd think, you can pick up a great sale find at many vintage shops across the country, as well as at specialist fairs. Places like Judy's vintage fair for instance are perfect for finding those vintage sale pieces, billed as more of an affordable fair, a lot of their stallholders will be selected specifically for their budget vintage finds, so you'll be bound to pick up a great piece whatever era you like! Look out for sale rails and boxes on stalls, here you'll find plenty of reduced items, from £2 hats to £5 frocks, perfect to stick to any budget!

Shopping on the high street you'll find plenty of budget vintage items, shops like Oxfam have dedicated vintage sections, especially in larger cities, where you can be sure to snap up a great vintage find. Mostly concentrating on clothing, rather than accessories, you can find a great selection of hand picked vintage finds on the rails, just dive in and have a good look.

Keep an eye out for sale rails at your favourite vintage shops, most shops tend to stack their rails by clothing type, so keep an eye out for any reduced tags amongst the rails where you can snap up a bargain. Don't be afraid to stick to the basics either, items like accessories are a great way to dress up your favourite outfits and give them a new lease of life, vintage finds like scarves, gloves and jewellery are perfect to dress up any vintage look, and they needn't cost the earth either.

If you find yourself without a nearby source for vintage shopping, turning online to source those vintage finds is a great way to pick up a real bargain, so you can easily stick to your budget. Sites like Etsy are a great starting point for unique vintage finds, with many vintage sellers taking to the marketplace to sell their wares. Remember to take postage and import prices into account when shopping online for those vintage finds.

Just because your shopping on budget, doesn't mean that you can't find affordable vintage clothing or accessories to brighten up your wardrobe. Take the time to source those bargains out, whether your shopping online or at a fair, you never know what you'll find and you could end up spending far less than you'd initially imaged!

Images: Flickr Commons

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