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Taking in a vintage tour of the North West : Judy's Vintage Fair, Chester. 22nd February 2015.

The North West is a fabulous haven for the vintage fashionista, a region that's lucky to boast a plethora of stunning vintage shops and fairs. I decided to dig my heels in and pay my local region a visit to take in some of the area's best vintage fairs, in some of the areas most beautiful locations. For the first stop it seemed rather fitting to take in one of the UK's most prestigious vintage fairs as it hit Chester's beautiful town hall.

Love the change of venue for Judy's vintage fair in Chester, the town hall is one of the city's most historic locations with a beautiful architecture and swooping chandeliers adorning the venue, I can't think of a prettier place to hunt out some vintage finds!

Sunday's are usually a bit quieter in the city centre, but not today, as an abundance of vintage fashionistas and keen bargain hunters hit the town hall looking for some great finds. Judy's is always a sure stop off to find those unusual and unique vintage treasures, with plenty of vintage traders to browse, you certainly need a keen eye to hunt out the best finds of the fair.

Having visited their fairs on numerous occasions before I was already familiar with the format, you really need to spend plenty of time walking around the fair at least twice to spot those great finds.

With so many stalls to shop from you almost don't know where to start at first, but once you pick out that first stall to browse at you instantly get into the swing of things, looking at all of the beautiful vintage finds to buy.

There was plenty to browse from at the fair, whether you were looking out for a new vintage coat, some beautiful bejewelled bustiers, stunning costume jewellery, or just a few vintage books to read. It's a great mix of vintage clothing, accessories and home wares with every fair, so you can be sure of a great find whatever your looking for.

I was really in my element when it came to vintage accessories, I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to pretty stoles, hats, and brooches... and the good folk at Judy's vintage fair helped towards my budget for those coveted vintage finds, with a £10 voucher towards my vintage purchases, and boy, was I spoilt for choice at the fair to spent it!The first thing that caught my eye as I wandered around the stalls was a row of pretty fur stoles, but then a gorgeous blue faux fur hat dragged my attention away, the first purchase of the day, a beautiful round fur hat that was a perfect fit, and a great find for £5. Further dragging my attention away was a stall full of beautiful accessories, initially some beautiful vintage glasses distracted me, but then I saw the lovely brooches, with bejewelled peacocks and pretty butterflies, I picked up a rather unusual but pretty bug brooch that I spotted amongst all the bejewelled brooches for £20.

There was plenty more unique finds as I rummaged around the stalls, from a pretty Biba playing card deck for £2, to a pretty and very unusual make up compact that was a great find at £5. Carrying on the bug theme, I found some pretty ladybird earrings at my final stall of the day, for a great £5 with a pair of domed lucite earrings. You really do need to look around the stalls at least twice, as several of these finds would have completely passed me by if I didn't spend a good hour looking around the stalls.

Always worth a visit whenever you find one of their fairs popping up in your area as you never know what vintage finds you'll snap up. It's certainly one of my favourites to visit whenever they pop up in Chester. See if their affordable vintage fair is paying a visit to your area at

-NB: After contacting Judys vintage fair for permission to photograph and cover their fair as part of my vintage tour of events in the region I was given a free £10 voucher as stated in this post, this by no means affects my view of the fair, but it was certainly most welcome in helping towards my purchases on the day-

-Post originally published at in 2015- 

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