Thursday, 18 August 2016

The best vintage inspired beauty essentials to snap up for your make up bag.

When it comes to vintage style we're almost spoilt for choice these days, with an abundance of reproduction companies to shop from, and more well kept vintage finds than you can shake a stick at! But when it comes to cosmetics, just who do you go to for those elusive vintage inspired essentials for your make up bag? I've hand picked a few favourites to shop from, whether it's the perfect lashes, or a pin up perfect red lipstick that you fancy.

The eyes
You can't beat a good quality false lash, not for all the tubes of mascara in the world.. and The Vintage Cosmetic Company are just perfect for those luscious vintage styled lashes. A well kept secret amongst keen vintage fashionistas, they have a great selection of false lashes in vintage inspired styles, from their pretty natural styled Connie lashes, to the perfect cat eye Betty lashes, they've got a style for every look!

That perfect cat eye won't be complete without a great liner, Le Keux Cosmetic's Black Cadillac eye liner is just perfect for this look, in a handy pot just apply to your liner brush and swoop it on!

If you prefer a good ol'fashioned mascara to false lashes then you can't beat Ilamasqua's Masquara, not strictly a vintage inspired brand, but with years of experience behind the brand, they've created a great midnight black mascara that creates perfectly long fluttering lashes.

The lips
You can't beat a good classic red lipstick, and vintage inspired favourite Besame, have a great selection of them. Whether you want a brick red, or a sultry dark red lipstick, you'll find a great selection of lipsticks that are inspired by classic 1920's-1940's shades, making for a truly vintage look.

No look is complete without a good gloss to finish your look, Illamasqua have a great selection of lipglosse's, from sheer to intense, whether you want a clear gloss to cover your lipstick, or a bold coloured lipgloss in place of your usual lipstick. Snap up a tube of their Intense Succubus lipgloss for a sultry bold red gloss.

The face
This is one area where you can't beat a classic like Max Factor's Creme puff face powder, a product that's been selling for decades and for a good reason, it's perfect to complete any look, either as a setting powder, or for those 'au natural' days.

You can't beat Soap and Glory's Glow all out powder either, a simple swoop across after you've finished applying your make up to add a subtle glow to those cheeks.

Images: Besame and The Vintage Cosmetic Company

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