Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The joy of vintage baking.

There's something that's just utterly delightful in finding a vintage baking book, the pleasure of a treasured family favourite, or a recipe that takes you back in time. Whilst modern baking may be all about experimenting and trying something new, there's just something that's comforting and delightful about a classic recipe, and you can't beat a classic lemon drizzle cake, or a Victoria sponge for a treat.

Whether it's family cookbook that's been passed down for generations, or a charity shop find that you just had to buy, there's something that's both comforting and cherished about a classic baking book. From Family circle baking cookbooks to Betty Crocker's Cooky Book, each one bringing classic and much loved family favourites to the table and providing a bit of vintage baking inspiration.

How many of us have tried a family favourite as our first bake? You can't beat a classic sponge cake or a swiss roll for that first time bake, evoking memories of Sunday's spent baking in the kitchen and eating far too much left over cake batter whilst you sat watching the cake baking away in the oven.

Whilst for some of us the art of vintage baking may be a little too timely in the kitchen - those vintage egg beaters with their handles may be a little too tasking to whisk up the perfect egg whites for that strawberry pavlova; but for some, there's an unspoken joy in whisking away by hand to create baking perfection. Modern baking tools often don't seem made to last as well as their vintage counterparts, and you can't beat using a classic rabbit jelly mould or a sweet heart shaped cake tin for your latest bake.

From the classic cook books, to the much loved and well preserved baking tools, there's certainly a joyful delight in vintage baking, however you decide to bring your love of vintage into the kitchen. For me, I just can't get enough of those classic recipes, for all the modern recipes and glamorous cookbooks, you just can't pass on Mary Berry's vanilla cupcakes or Delia Smith's classic all in one sponge cake to achieve baking perfection.

However you enjoy baking, you certainly can't beat the unadulterated joy of recreating a vintage bake in the kitchen!

Images: Cupcake Stock Free Images/Grs84pl | Woman baking via Flickr Commons

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