Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Vintage beauty tips and tricks that are worth trying out.

Why spend hours devoting your time to countless beauty products and techniques when you could easily use a few tried and trusted vintage tips to achieve beauty perfection! Who needs a staggering amount of beauty creams, lotions and potions when you could try a few classic beauty tricks out with ease at home, you could even save yourself some cash!

If it was good enough for the starlets of Hollywood's hey day, surely it's worth trying at home. We're constantly seeing tips for beauty hacks and styling tricks, but why spend hours devoting your time to achieving beauty perfection, when a few minutes spending dabbing on a spot of vaseline could do the trick.

For every beauty problem there's an easy solution, and more often than not it's a time honoured tip that's been tried for generations. These handy vintage beauty tips and tricks aren't just old wives tales, they're tried and trusted tips that you won't know how you coped without them, and all they require is a few basic bits that you'll already have to hand!

Who'd have thought that a jar of petroleum jelly would have so many uses! Not just used for tending to scrapes and cuts, a jar of Vaseline can be used for so many things that you wouldn't have even thought of trying.

Tame those brows by using a small dab of Vaseline to shape and style, simply swipe your brows to shape once plucked. If you fancy something a little sweeter smelling I swear by Rose & Co's Rose petal salve which works wonders at taming those brows!

To prevent tried puffy eyesapplying a dab of Vaseline under your eyes before you go to sleep can also work wonders, especially if you've had a spot of tipple or two.. simply dab it under your eyes for a brighter look in the morning.

You can also use it to treat cuticles and rough patches of skin on your hands, simply dab a small spot of vaseline on the problem area and gently rub in.

Hair conditioner.
Not just used to create luscious waves, a spot of hair conditioner can also be used for a budget cutting beauty trick. Instead of investing in shaving creams and oils, apply a handful of hair conditioner to your legs prior to shaving, and wet shave as you normally would, it will help remove those pesky hairs with ease, as well as leaving your legs feeling soft.

Run out of blusher? Try using your favourite lipstick as a replacement, a tried and tested trick often used during times of rationing in the forties, simply dab a small amount of red or pink lipstick onto your cheek and rub in to blend.

Nowadays we wouldn't think twice after applying our morning moisturiser to our face, but a tried and tested vintage beauty method involved also applying that moisturiser to your neck. Instead of using your usual body lotion, why not try applying a generous dab of your face cream to your neck, guaranteed to help prevent dry skin as well as maintaining a youthful glow.

Another handy tip is to double up the use of your cold cream, if you prefer to use this as your daily moisturiser. It's an excellent make up remover, simply dab a little on to a cotton wool pad and use it to remove your make up with ease, it will also leave your skin feeling soft afterwards!

Images: Flickr Commons.

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