Thursday, 8 September 2016

Size x-small? I'm sorry, you won't find that here..

I've lost count of how many times I've browsed the rails in a high street store only to find a distinct lack of smaller sized items available. The high street it would seem at times doesn't want to cater for smaller framed ladies, with even more stores reducing their range of small sized clothing down to a meagre selection, it often feels as if we're unwanted custom amongst some of the largest names in high street fashion. 

At a size 6-8 finding clothing that fits seems to have become a long winded task, with countless hours spent traipsing from store to store, and rail to rail, only to find that I've been cast aside, unwanted on the shop floor. 

But it's not just an issue of out of stock items in high street stores, take a look online at the selection available at some of the industries biggest and most well known stores, with barely a handful of items available to shop from in smaller sizes. One such retailer that was once a firm favourite of mine for their range of petite clothing has for instance whittled down their new season range to a mere fraction in smaller sizes when compared to their full range of clothing sizes.

It's not just an issue with a small handful of high street stores, many retailers appear to have drastically cut down their selection of small sized clothing in recent years, making that seasonal clothing shop a bothersome, time consuming task.

When did offering a smaller size become such a burden? Especially when it comes to everyday staple items such as work wear and day to day essentials? I've long become accustomed to the ritual of trying on a larger sized top only to go home and order it in my actual size later that day, but nowadays even that has become a tiresome task, more times often than not resulting in a disappointing lack of items in my size when I've gone online.

It could be understandable if it was a problem confined to the shop floor, with many keeping best selling sizes in stock over low selling items in smaller sizes, but if items were regularly kept in stock I know I'd certainly be far more likely to make a purchase there and then. But when the selection of items that are actually available in smaller sizes is so few and far between it can often be off-putting as a potential customer, why would you return to a store where your size is so rarely offered in their latest ranges when you could turn to a more trusted site to find those elusive new purchases?

It would seem that the high street doesn't want our custom, and that's more than disappointing when it comes to the big names in high street fashion. For now it seems that I'll just have to make do with spending countless hours researching and hunting out those smaller sizes items that I'd love to have in my wardrobe, only to be bitterly disappointed by what's actually available.

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